Trouble Clean Through

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Even from a distance,
      anyone could tell they were . . .


“I want someone to go uptown.”

“I’m the only one here,” Shaw stammered.

“Then I want you to go to the law office and tell Linc I want four men with rifles down here on the double.”

Shaw eyed the men at the table.

“I got a business to run, Deputy.”

“You refuse you’ll spend a week in a cell,” Harper snarled.

Shaw brushed Harper aside as he left the saloon, cursing under his breath. Then Judd got to his feet and snarled;

“What gives, mister?”

Harper’s hand went to gun leather.

“Sit down until I tell you otherwise.”

“If I don’t?”

Harper’s gun appeared as if by magic in his hand.

“Your beer will have a lead chaser.”

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