War Cloud’s Bride

Book Number: 1581

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Those red devils
are gonna pay with their lives!



“There are about ten Indians that are likely dead,” Brand said. “I counted about two dozen sets of tracks in all, so that leaves about fourteen that are still alive.”

“So?” Carter muttered.

“I like to know the odds.”

“So we hit the trail now?” Carter asserted.

“This man needs a doctor,” Brand said firmly, standing over Thomas Martin.

“Harry will take him to the doc in town while we get on the trail of those Cheyenne hostiles.”

“We wouldn’t get far tonight,” Brand told the rancher. “Followin’ unshod hoofprints in the dark is painstaking work. We’ll start out at first light.”

“The hell we will!” Carter exploded. “Those red devils have kidnapped my wife! They could be, well . . . they could be doin’ all sorts of things to her . . .” The veins stood out on his forehead. “You know what I damn well mean, Steve!”


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