Way Too Wild

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      One brother too green, the other . . .


“You never asked about Miriam.”

“Dunno why I would, pa.”

“Mebbe ’cause she’s been here most ev’ry day. Been a real help to me, I know. That gal ain’t too proud to dig in an’ help where it’s needed.”

“I’ll thank her when I see her,” Shad said stiffly.

“I doubt that’s what she wants, boy . . .”

“There ain’t nothin’ between us, pa. That was over a long time ago. Think I’ll see if I can make it as far as the barn.”

“We ain’t finished talkin’ about Miriam, Shadrach. That gal thinks a lot of you, no matter what you say.”

“It’s over, pa. Mebbe women are another thing I’m too young for.” He dragged up a grin and said, “Mebbe when I get to be your age . . .”

“Hah. That’s leavin’ it too blame long. You sure you ain’t just pretendin’ you ain’t interested, on account of Abel?”

“I don’t think so, pa . . . but I never was one for hand-me-downs.”

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