Denver Red

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I hope I’m around the day
someone teaches you some manners!


Billy-Joe MacPherson stood as if paralyzed. His eyes were wide with horror and his face was the color of putty. The redheaded stranger spoke again, in a whisper;

“Drop it.”

The kid threw his gun away as if it was poker-hot.

Denver Red nonchalantly stepped out onto the street and strolled up to where Billy-Joe MacPherson was standing. Viciously, he rammed his gunbutt into the kid’s stomach and as the kid folded, the sixgun slammed against his mouth. He fell, sobbing with pain.

“Next time you face a man you’ll lose more than your teeth.”

Denver Red turned to walk back to the saloon. As he passed the body of Burial McGrath, he said;

“Who’s a son of a bitch now, big man?”

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