Gunslingers Die Game

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When you’re up against a better
man . . . make your first shot count!


The gunfighter had only sought the refuge of the jailhouse on an impulse, figuring that Darlington’s friends would give up quickly when they found he’d sought the protection of the law. But it hadn’t worked out that way. The Keystone boys were thirsty for blood and the gunslinger had realized that Warren and Dillon mightn’t be able to hold them off. That left him with only one alternative — flight.

The gunfighter chuckled to himself, as he darted across the gloomy backyard and ducked into the stables. Who would ever have thought they’d get so stirred up about a loudmouthed jackass like Darlington? It just went to show something about human nature, he figured as he flung a saddle onto a horse. Hicks like the Keystone boys couldn’t tell a hero from a hole in a fence.

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