Hell For A Hero

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When they find out what happened,
they’ll come gunnin’ for you, nothin’ surer!


Smothering a curse, Dan went back inside the dancehall. Maureen watched him enter, and Ruby Collins made some whispered comment to her. He moved down the line of seats, saw Stella dancing with a tall, hatchet-faced man with dark hair and eyes like chips of coal. They whirled past him and he saw the stranger’s arm wind tight around Stella’s waist and give a tug that pulled her in close to him.

The man was pawing at her outrageously. Then he lifted one big hand and cupped it firmly over the swell of her breast. There was a small cry from Stella, then an explosive curse from Dan Neill as he went charging out onto the dance floor. One punch sent the tall man sprawling, outflung arms catching at the couples around him, bringing one man down and rousing a scream from a woman when her dress was torn.

“Get up!” Dan said sharply as he towered over the stricken Edge Ransom with both fists clenched. “Come outside and we’ll settle this, man to man.”

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