Jericho City Judas

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Scum rises to the surface sooner or later!


“How did that gunslick track us down, Marshal?”

“Same way I did, I reckon. There was a story in the press about you fellers tanglin’ with Stratton Tucker. I figure Ralls must’ve been someplace closer than me when the story came to his notice, and he beat me here.”

“The story . . .?” Westerman frowned. Then he remembered. “Was that a story by a feller named Philburn?”

“That’s the one. Good luck for me, bad for you, Westerman.” The marshal frowned. “I’ve heard all about the gunfight last night, but I’m still not sure I have it straight. Howcome you were able to hold your own against that heller?”

“Just lucky, I guess.”

“I’m serious!”

“Well, I reckon I have Dave Ringold to thank. He damn near outdrew that gunshark, drew Ralls’ fire and gave me the chance to come clear. Dave’s mighty fast with a gun . . . slick with words, too.”

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