Just Right For A Rope

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A quick death ain’t what I got planned for you!


Stacy drank some whiskey and waited until he was sure they were all waiting on tenterhooks to hear what he had to say. “Okay, this is what we’ll do. In a few minutes we’ll ride out and get Allison. Shouldn’t be too difficult. Then we’ll bring him back here. I reckon Raton’s the right sorta place to string him up. Sort of poetic justice, somehow.” That amused Stacy and he laughed. “Know what I mean?”

When they pushed out through the batwings, the wind suddenly died down and the sun finally managed to break through the clouds. Then Stacy King swung into leather, and said;

“Good day for a hangin’, huh?”

“Any day’s a good day for that,” said Frank King. “Especially when it’s gonna be Wes Allison’s necktie party.”

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