Killer Sheriff

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There’s only one way to prove
your innocence and that’s to fight for it!


“If I swore it was Jesse James himself, nobody could argue with me,” Lafferty said wryly.

And with that thought came the plan.

Why fool about with the miserable bounty on some killer’s head, or marry the Widow Thompson just for the bit of money she had stowed away, when there was a ten thousand dollar payroll in the strongbox on the coach and a ready-made alibi lying at his feet?

Nobody would ever recognize the dead man again and with Lafferty’s clothes and badge, half the town would swear it was the sheriff lying there in the dirt. Lafferty could ride out with the payroll and head across the border to Mexico City. He could start life again as the rich man he’d always yearned to be.

All it would take was a little guts . . .

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