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They weren’t gonna
      stop until the debt was . . .


“I’ll get him, Morg — Brenner, too.” Docker extended his left hand, palm-down, and showed Kyle a star-shaped scar on the back. “Brenner did that. I was hidin’ out with the bunch he was ridin’ with on the Cimarron. We was playin’ poker and I dealt one from the bottom. He saw it and pinned my goddamn hand to the table with a huntin’ knife. Was three years before I could use it again and it still ain’t as good as it was . . .” He looked at the map and his gimlet eyes clouded as he nodded with a tight smile. “Yeah, I’ll be glad to take care of this personal, Morg. Brenner ain’t the only one wantin’ debts repaid . . .”

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