Search For Shiloh

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We’re gonna roast
you slow . . . from the feet up!


Zack’s jaw hardened. “Why’d you have to drag Shiloh and Dave into it, Hammett? This is between you and me. Why didn’t you just send one of your hardcases in to do the job?”

Hatfield laughed and shook his head. “Judas, Kincaid! You oughtta know me better than that! That wouldn’t have suited me at all. I like to square things myself and I like to see men suffer when they’ve crossed me.” The crooked smile disappeared. He leaned forward, thrusting his hard face close to Zack’s. “Like you’re gonna suffer mighty soon . . .”

“Shiloh and Dave had nothing to do with my life as a lawman.” Zack knew he was wasting his breath, but he felt he had to stall as long as he could. He had no idea why, but he wanted to keep Hatfield away from Shiloh for as long as possible. “Let ’em go and you can do what you want with me, Hammett.”

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