Wichita Lawman

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If the son of a bitch so much
as blinks outta turn, let him have it!


“It’s good to have you back, Brad,” Burnside said. “You know I never had anything personal against young Tulley. I just couldn’t see him taking your place, is all.”

McCaine nodded, then spared a moment to get the sawbones’ assurance that if there was any change in Bill Tulley’s condition, he’d be notified, then walked with Josh Burnside as far as the law office while Lane Lanthrop went on to brood over his empty vault. It gave McCaine a good feeling to stand outside and rest his hand on the worn law office doorknob, and to know the feel and the smell of the place again. The cattle and progress made Wichita a busy, dusty town, yet it was his town, and he was glad to have it back.

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