Partially Signed Stanley Pitt Gun Fury Original Artwork

Book Number: A0482

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Highly collectible memorabilia in the form of one of Cleveland Publishing’s earliest Partially signed Western painted board artworks by Stanley Pitt. The artwork is produced in fine watercolour, and is endorsed on the back with the title and date of submission, measuring 30 by 38cm. Please be aware that unfortunately in the printing process the bottom of the painting has been removed and subsequently so has half of “Stanley”.

Each artwork will be accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Cleveland Publishing Co. Pty Ltd.

Please note that as each artwork is a piece of collectible memorabilia dating from the 1950s and as the artwork has been utilised as part of a printing process in order to produce colour artwork accompanying each title, the artwork may show signs of ageing and wear and tear that is commensurate with its age. The image shown on our website is a scan of the original and has not been retouched or altered. Title in the artwork will pass to the purchaser upon receipt by Cleveland Publishing of payment in full and, by agreeing to make payment for this item, the purchaser hereby confirms that he/she has inspected the artwork and accepts it ‘as is’ in its present condition and state of repair.

The signed artwork, can be yours to own for $500, plus $25 postage and handling.



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