Challenge The Mighty

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Cowboy, all you know about brains
is that you can buy ’em scrambled!



“Is that a threat?”

Cullen walked around to his desk chair and sat down. He opened a drawer and took out his checkbook.

“Go now, Dane,” he said, his voice calm again. “Right now. And don’t come back. There’ll never be a place for you on the Rocking Chair, or on any other ranch in Humboldt County, I’ll see to that. You’re worse — a thousand times worse — than the other pests who come crawling out here in the tracks of the real men who opened up this land. You’re not a stranger. You know the country, you know the setup. You’re a damned turncoat!”

“I know the setup, Grady,” Jackson agreed coldly. “That’s one of the reasons I chose the Springs. If using land for a month a year and closing it to others is opening up the country, I’ve got a lot to learn.”

“You’re all set to learn the hard way,” said Cullen grimly.

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