Come And Get Me!

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You want me?



“You sold those steers for five dollars a head at a time a good businessman could easily have found a buyer for ten. It struck me, when I heard about it, that you didn’t just cut out, Ralph. You cut and ran!”

Garth’s voice had risen a little and his bitterness could not be ignored any longer. Ralph shifted uneasily from one foot to the other, glanced to where Rafferty sat with another black-jowled man, and finally summoned up his remaining courage.

“So I ran! So what? Did you follow me here to make me answer for it? You got that in mind, you better get a few things straight. I’m not a green kid kept on a damned ranch to go to seed. I’ve been about, seen some hard slices of life. I’m still your brother, but you’ve got no say over me and if you’re here to make trouble, then I guess you’ve found it.”

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