Hellion In The Making

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That snake in the grass is dead
meat . . . he just don’t know it yet!



“How many tracks did you find?”

“We didn’t look. I mean, Joe came after us. Said he’d seen Bundy’s bunch snatch Laura and ride for the south end of the hills, so that was where we headed.”

“You mean you never even examined the tracks they left at my ranch?”

“Didn’t seem any point . . . Joe saw where they headed.”

“Hell, Troy, they might’ve left sign that could tell you something!”

McCann shrugged uncomfortably but held his tongue.

“All right,” Mallory said finally. “I’ll get going now.”

“What’re you gonna do? Apart from leave town, I mean.”

“I’m going to find out what happened to Laura . . . and kill Cheyenne Bundy.”

“Bounty’s up to two thousand dollars now.”

“To hell with the bounty . . . I want my wife back.”

“After nine weeks?” McCann shook his head. “Face up to it, Mallory — she’s likely dead.”

“If she is, she’s going to have company when I catch up with Bundy.”

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