Killers Never Quit!

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You ain’t paid to
think . . . you’re paid to fight!



“Let’s cut the clownin’, Tolliver. I came in to see what you’re up to.”

“Why, what I’m up to is gettin’ rid of that mealy-mouthed Sisk, Womack — just like you’ve been suspecting all along.”

The concealed gun in his hand under the big hat felt like an extension of his own arm. The excitement mounted in him like it always did.

Womack’s hand dropped to his .45, his eyes narrowed.

“You loco or somethin’?”

“I’m the man you’re after, Womack.” Tolliver shrugged. “I’m the jasper they sent you over from Austin to watch out for . . . what’s the matter, Ranger? You look sick.”

Womack’s gun flashed out.

“So you know the truth. I guess that means that you were in my room, just like I figured! What happened, did Hogan catch you in the act?”

“That he did — poor feller. Buried him without his boots on.”

“Tolliver,” Womack said flatly, “I’m arresting you for the suspected murders of Teagan Hancock, Olan Busch, Luke Parrish and Seth Hogan.”

“No need to call them suspected, Womack, I killed ’em, sure enough. Only thing is, you left a name off the list.”

“What name?”

“Cole Womack.”

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