Only One Can Win

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      Ruled by terror, soaked in blood . . .


“Bolt the shutters across the window, Katie. Lennie, make sure all the guns are fully loaded.”

He beckoned to Reno as they reached level ground, and the bodyguard rode up to join him.

“Yeah, boss?”

“What did she look like?”

Caulfield didn’t have to explain who he meant. “Like an angel, boss.”

Caulfield stared straight ahead. “Describe her to me.”

“Well, she was wearin’ one of those stylish new gowns, pinched in at the waist and kinda low up top.” Reno licked his lips. “Yeah, nice and low . . .”

“Don’t drool, mister. Talk.”

“Well, she looked like she always does, I guess, like she was born to be a princess . . . sparklin’ eyes and a complexion that just makes a man think of peaches with dew on ’em in the early mornin’. And the way she speaks! Like a real highborn lady . . . I guess, if a man knew he was croakin’, hers would be the voice he’d want to hear tellin’ him goodbye.”

“How’d she react when you gave her the letter?”

“You want the truth, boss?”

“She was sore?”

“Well, she wasn’t exactly turnin’ cartwheels.”

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