Raw Deal For Ryan

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There’s six of us and
one of you, knucklehead!



Rachel shook her head.

“Will there be any profit left? You’ll still owe Boots for the wagon . . .”

“We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we? Look, honey, we won’t be stuffing our pockets with money, but I’ve got the contract and that’s the main thing. Next season I’ll make more. I keep running the cattle and we’ll build this place up into something great for our kids . . .” He squeezed her enthusiastically. “By the way, isn’t it time we tried to start a family? I mean, there’s still a couple hours until supper . . .”

Rachel blushed and slapped his hand away.

“Anyone would think you’d been away for a month!”

“That will come soon enough, honey, when I start the drive. Meantime . . .”

He ran his hand down her waist invitingly.

“Oh, Ryan, stop it! Please! You never know who might stop by!”

He looked around at the rolling pastures backing up into the blue-hazed hills, and then lowered his face toward hers.

“Consarn it, there’s no one nearer than a two-hour ride of the place!”

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