The Wilderness Guide

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You sure you know what you’re doin’?



Virgil sobbed something Laurie didn’t hear, and then they dragged him out. She sat there with her face pressed against the cool, fogged glass of the window. She knew that all the other passengers were staring, but she didn’t care.

In a few moments, she heard a wild scream and something briefly flashed into view, limbs flailing as it fell fifty feet or so toward the river.

She looked apprehensively at the three cowpokes as they lurched back into the passenger car. The tall man touched the brim of his hat.

“Ma’am, I’d say he hit dead center. Splash came halfway up to the trestle. And I guess he’s floatin’ down the river now. He’ll have a long hike ahead of him, and that’ll cool him off. You oughtta be safely hitched by the time he gets to Cheyenne.”

“I . . . just had a thought. I don’t even know if he can swim!”

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