Escort To Yuma

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A man could get
himself killed on the outside!



“For God’s sake, Ryder, show a bit of sense for a change. You know damn well the law is goin’ to eventually catch up with you. You’re only wanted for a minor offense, but now—”

“I’ve broken out of jail, Sheriff,” Ryder admitted. “That’s not a minor offense. But I didn’t commit an offense to be there. I told you I was framed, and that’s the truth. I grabbed at the first chance to get out of that stinking hole and I’m staying out!”

“I’ll see you stay in for the best part of your life after this, Ryder. Look, son! Take a second to think about what you’re doin’. You’re young. Do you want to rot in prison for the rest of your life? Because that’s what you’re headin’ for! You got the drop on us now, so I can’t stop you from gettin’ away, but if you can’t see the sense in givin’ yourself up, maybe you’ll see the sense in leavin’ this outlaw with us. You do that and I’ll make it as easy as I can for you when you eventually get nabbed. And believe me, that’ll happen, son.”

“I’ve come this far, Sheriff,” Ryder said. “I might as well go the whole hog.”

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