Hell Ride To Goldfield

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Your little gal will arrive safe
and sound, my Mitch will see to that!


“What’s wrong, Homer? You look a worried man.”

Butterworth forced a smile.

“Me? Hell no, Court. Why should I be worried when she’s only a few minutes behind schedule?”

Ashton had no way of knowing what was going on in Homer Butterworth’s mind, for the man had revealed to nobody the rumor he had heard just yesterday that the notorious bandit, Dick ‘Rattlesnake’ Smith, had been sighted back in Pinal County after five years in Yuma Territorial Prison.

But when another ten minutes passed, followed by another, in which the lighthearted mood of the expectant crowd changed to outright apprehension, Butterworth could conceal his fears no longer.

“I think there’s somethin’ wrong, Court,” he announced finally, his normally ruddy face pale in the gathering gloom. “I think we’d best mount up and go take a look along the trail . . .”

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