Revenge Is The Rider

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If I ever give up on
this, you’ll know I’m dead!



“You’ll have to let me buy you that beer now.”

“You don’t know when to quit. Oh, I know others might see that as a virtue, but with you, it goes too far. When you start on something, you can’t quit until you’ve won. You were always like that. You always thought more of winning and playing the role of Jake Ethan the hero than you did of anything else. That’s what made you go wandering when you should have been here with your family. When you should have been settling down with me and raising kids. Mister, you’re just using what happened as another excuse to duck what you’re really scared of — being ordinary.”

When she paused, Jake Ethan glowered. Drinkers had fallen silent to listen.

“That’s your weakness, Jake, and I’m begging you one last time to tell your brothers they can go back home.”

He couldn’t do that.

Molly was asking too much.

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