Smells Like A Hangin’!

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Can you imagine my daughter
bein’ attracted to this ape-faced jackass?


“What do you mean, Marshal?” Hagen bellowed. “You ain’t lettin’ this jackass go, are you?”

“No, I’m taking him into custody. So untie him.”

Open rebelliousness showed in every man’s face, and wasn’t helped when Shurlock kicked the nearest cowboy and growled;

“You heard what the marshal said, so get them ropes offa me, yuh lowlifes!”

“Shut up,” Jordan ordered, then pointed the gun directly at Hagen. “Give the order, Mr. Hagen. You know I can’t leave this man here for you to hang. If that happened, then I’d have no choice but to see everyone of you stretch rope himself. Is that what you want?”

Hagen certainly did not. Hanging was rather like getting caught in a hay-bailer — it was only enjoyable when it was happening to somebody else.

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