Spoilin’ For Trouble

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If that gal still don’t
wanna come . . . bring her anyway!


“You’d go a long way to find a better-looking filly than that Whitney gal.”

“Or one who’d make more trouble,” Thompson observed glumly, and sucked on his bottle.

“She’s got looks, no man with two good eyes could deny that,” conceded Tex Conroy. “But Thane’s had purty gals afore. What’s so special about her?”

“Thane reckons she’s got breedin’,” supplied Earl. “He was tellin’ me just the other night as how he’s just about had a stomach full of saloon chippies and scrawny ranch jades. Matter of fact, he told me he’s been lookin’ for somebody like the Whitney gal for a long time.”

“You can’t blame him for that,” Josh Tanner observed sourly. “But like dancin’, romancin’ takes two to make it work. Thane’s a mighty fine stamp of a feller, but I don’t know as how that Whitney gal was showin’ much sign of returnin’ his feelin’s. Matter of fact, every time Thane came near her, she jumped like a rattler-shy mare. And if she ever finds out that Thane killed her old man—”

“Bah!” Earl Burdick’s dismissal of that line of argument was complete. “She ain’t never gonna find out that Thane nailed the soldier. Even if she did, what difference would it make? Thane ain’t askin’, Josh, he’s takin’!”

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