Stand And Fight!

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By hell, if I get out of
this thing alive, I’ll rip him apart!



Brock heaved a sigh of relief and said;

“Okay, Clark. Langtry, it’s gonna cost you fifty dollars plus a warnin’ that if you step outta line again, I’ll run you outta town.”

“I don’t have fifty dollars to throw away!” Langtry snapped. “Carry on with your arrest and send someone for Attorney Adams.”

“You’re fined fifty dollars!” Brock bellowed in sudden anger. “I’m runnin’ the law here, feller. Understand? If you ain’t got the money now, I’m allowin’ you time to pay. I want that money on my desk a week from today . . . if you’re still in Douglas . . .”

“Just what does that mean, Marshal?” Langtry asked coldly.

“It means that if you got an ounce of brain in your skull, you’ll pack up and get outta Douglas . . .”

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