Tarnished Star

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What’s the sheriff doin’ keepin’
company with dancehall gals half his age?



“You still don’t see her the way everybody else does, do you, Sheriff?” He jabbed an angry finger at Marylou. “Take a good look. Was she worth stealing for? Was she worth killing for?”

“How did you know about Gene?”

“The way he died, and a hunch. You killed him so he couldn’t talk and took the money. Why? To buy more time with her?”

“I love her, Bud.”

Those simple words silenced Calhoun.

“I gave all I had to this town — my gun, my brain, my time, my youth. I thought I had all a man could ever want and I did — until loneliness came. See this house, Bud? This is what I came back to every night for ten years. Other men got married and raised kids, but I had no time to go courtin’—”

“Until I came along,” Marylou said brightly. She looked at the money in the sheriff’s hands and said, “Is it true that you killed Gene and stole all that money just for me?”

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