The Bravos

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One way or another, that bunch is gonna swing!



She frowned, puzzlement clouding her face.

“Major Walcott was vague about why you’d come here, Mr. Chapman. He said it was because of Henry’s death. I can’t understand the connection. Have you come here on some mission of vengeance for my husband?”

He took two steps toward the hallway but stopped and nodded.

“That’s right.”

“But you won’t tell me anymore?”

“I never talk about the War.”

“I understand,” she said gently. “Do you expect to find this man?”

“I’ll find him.”

“And when you do, you’ll kill him?”


“Because my husband was your friend?”


“Perhaps he will kill you. He must be a devil of a man.”

“Haven’t you heard?” Chapman said roughly, watching her closely for her reaction. “I’m a professional killer. I’m sure your friend Mitch Walcott told you that.”

All Emma said was;

“You don’t look like a killer to me, Mr. Chapman.”

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