The Iron Marshal

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Why the blue hell would a lawman
drag a female across Skull Valley?


“Here, let me look,” Carmen said, reaching for his collar.

Regret brushed the hand away.

“It’s a crease, Señorita, nothing more. Don’t waste your time worrying about me. You’ve plenty to worry about on your own account.”

The girl stepped away from him. “What do you mean?”

“I think you know what I mean. You’d better pack some things.”

“I do not understand.”

Regret’s piercing gaze was an indictment.

“I warned you what would happen if you were harboring him. I wasn’t bluffing. I’m taking you back with your brother to face charges.”

She didn’t believe him at first. Then she could no longer disbelieve that unflinching stare. Briefly her face wore a white, trapped look, but then her eyes burned with a primitive flame.

“Then Juan was telling the truth about you. He told me you were a man without heart or feelings or understanding. I lied to you to save my own brother and I would do it again a hundred times over!”

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