Expect A Bullet

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It was safer out there among the
rattlesnakes, scorpions and lobo wolves!



Only the sure knowledge that Skelley had played an indispensable role in wresting what was now Baggs, Wyoming, from untamed wilderness twenty years back, combined with his incomprehensible yet undeniable friendship with the marshal, had prevented the inhabitants of Baggs doing something about Skelley long before this.

The dead gambler lay like a dark blob in the middle of the street. Looking at the lifeless body, Carrington recalled somebody saying;

“He cleared everybody out — even the goddamned corpse!”

Without bending, Carrington looked down on Ace Deagen, who had been begging to end up in a slum street shot full of holes ever since he slid his first ace from the bottom of the deck.

But why did it have to be Skelley to do it?

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