Give ’Em Hell!

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      When guns don’t work . . .



Fallon was astonished. He’d met some hard women in his days, and Pearl was as hard as any — which was perhaps why he secretly watched out for her and sought her company, even if his attentions were usually rewarded with a fight. He’d seen what happened to Pearl when she first set eyes on Nevada Lee, and it had hit him in the one place where he thought he was invulnerable — the heart.

If she’d fallen for some hardworking cowpoke or solid clerk, he would not have objected. But Nevada Lee was born to attract trouble on himself and anybody near him. The ‘wild ’breed’ they’d called him, even before his father shot him and almost killed him. He looked wilder now after his year away, and the whole town had said he’d come back to get square.

But nobody got square with Chandler Lee — not even his son . . .

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