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Could he ever make amends?



“Are you sure of the time? Because Pres and me, we were lookin’ for gold around about that time . . .”

“So he said at his trial. They searched and searched for you, to see if you could back up his story. No one could find you.”

He heard it then, plain as day in her voice. This was why she was so hostile toward him. He hadn’t been around to save her husband, and she hated him for it. Couldn’t hardly blame her for that . . .

He looked at her steadily.

“Mrs. Barrett, I’ve been in jail down in Mexico for more than six months. They turned me loose a few weeks back and sent a pack of killers after me, but I managed to get past ’em and came by some money — well, fact is, I took it off them. It was what they’d been paid to kill me, I guess. I’ve had to have some medical treatment. Soon as I could, I came here.”

Her moist eyes searched his face for a long minute.

“Well, you’re a Johnny-come-lately, aren’t you? No, you’re a Johnny-too-late!”

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