Walk Out Of Hell

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Two gold nuggets drove the
whole lot of them stark, raving mad!



The knife twisted in his hand and buried itself to the hilt in his own chest.

His diabolical scream seemed to echo inside Cain’s head forever as the madman thrashed about, cutting his hands as he tried to pull out the razor-sharp blade. But it only came halfway before the blood spurted and the man fell back, whimpering like a child, his body going slack. The madness seemed to die in his eyes as he turned to look at Cain, confused.

“Why’d you kill me . . . F-F-Frank . . .?”

He slumped and the death rattle clattered in his throat.

“Hey, feller, will you quit tryin’ to fight me? I’m here to help you. Ease up now! Can’t savvy what you’re sayin’ . . . hell, this is crazy . . . sorry to have to do this, but—”

There came a hammer blow to Cain’s jaw and an explosion of light, then blackness, deep and dark as he had ever known.


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